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I’m a part of Lost Generation

and I refuse to believe that

I can change the world

I realize this may be a shock but

“Happiness comes from within”

is a lie, and

“Money will make me happy”

So in thirty years I’ll tell my children

They are not the most important thing in my life

My employer will know that

I have my priority straight because


Is more important than


I tell you this

Once upon a time

Families stay together

But this will not be true in my era

This is a quick fix society

Experts tell me

Thirty years from now I will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of my divorce

I do not concede that

I will live in a country of my own making

In the future

Environmental destruction will be the norm

No longer can it be said that

My peers and I care about this earth

It will be evident that

My generation is apathetic and lethargic

It is foolish to presume that

There is hope

And all of this will come true unless we reverse it.

– Jonathan Reed

(Now read it backwards)


~The Bitter Sea…

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Life` Shit

A lighted cigarette,
A pain unquenched,
A life lost
In just a second.
Dreams missed,
Shattered destinies,
A year so mean
And full of venom
Donor of torment.
The future can not smile,
It can only destroy
Minds and false hopes
Thrown into the snake pit …

I kinda think that`s true…. `Cause just when you`re expecting the least, your so-called “friend” bites your head off…just because he can…because he`s your “friend”… So… my advice to all of you it`s to be aware… and look after yourselves… don`t think that your dear friend will always be there for you. No, be cautious …because this fucking world is full of hypocrites, hyenas & eating shit people…that will do anything to break you down and get it their way…. I`m just pointing out the obvious… Stupid things that you may already know, but you never thought about so deeply… So take a moment and analyse all the people close to you…think about your relation with all of your friends…how close you are with each individual, how well you know`em, how much they mean to you, in what way they`ve changed your life throughout the time …and only after that choose carefully which one you`ll trust when you`ll have a serious problem or when you may need moral support or any kind of help. Be selective and tactful…Don`t give away some important personal information and stories just because you think that you can trust that person… You can never trust anyone but yourself! ……

So I guess Kurt Cobain was right: “A friend is nothing but a known enemy.”