~A Friend Is Nothing But a Known Enemy~

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Life` Shit

I kinda think that`s true…. `Cause just when you`re expecting the least, your so-called “friend” bites your head off…just because he can…because he`s your “friend”… So… my advice to all of you it`s to be aware… and look after yourselves… don`t think that your dear friend will always be there for you. No, be cautious …because this fucking world is full of hypocrites, hyenas & eating shit people…that will do anything to break you down and get it their way…. I`m just pointing out the obvious… Stupid things that you may already know, but you never thought about so deeply… So take a moment and analyse all the people close to you…think about your relation with all of your friends…how close you are with each individual, how well you know`em, how much they mean to you, in what way they`ve changed your life throughout the time …and only after that choose carefully which one you`ll trust when you`ll have a serious problem or when you may need moral support or any kind of help. Be selective and tactful…Don`t give away some important personal information and stories just because you think that you can trust that person… You can never trust anyone but yourself! ……

So I guess Kurt Cobain was right: “A friend is nothing but a known enemy.”


  1. Irene Tull says:

    so true about friends–but it is different when they become true enemies. as far as relatives: they are neither friend or foe?

  2. rosario says:

    when you don’t know anyone, always tend to prejudge. That person is an enemy, but if you know it, will be an enemy but familiar: your friend.
    I think it’s a positive phrase.

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